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Crow - 17 - any pronouns - INFP - Phlegmatic

Hello! My name is Crow and I enjoy cute things, video games, music, and robots. I sometimes make original text posts or art, but I mostly just reblog things. Follow if you want, don't if you don't, though I might just follow back. Have a nice day! :>


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looking forward!


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You have a dinner date for seven pm. What time do you arrive?


Seven. Am. Case the restaurant. Run background checks on the staff. Can the cook be trusted? If not I gotta kill him. Dispose of the body. Replace him with my own guy no later than 4:30.

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me: hell yeah i love talking to my best friend

person: what do you guys talk about


me: uhh



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*small voice* besbaw

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I heard microsoft bought mojang

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You see this, nounselfers and noungenders?

This is what you’re doing to the non-binary community. You make us all look ridiculous.

You’re getting us erased due to your asinine “social justice” movement. You’re getting people, with actual gender dysphoria, erased because you want an accessory to wear around.

Don’t you dare tell me that you’re not harming the non-binary community by identifying as catself, bunself, squidself, voidgender, robotgender, etc. Cis people see this shit and automatically assume that the rest of us just want a special title, equivalent to a nickname.

To recap:

• Otherkin is not a gender.

• Nounself “pronouns” do not work in the English language.

• Adding a noun + gender is not a gender.

• Gender and pronouns are not accessories.

• If you want a special title, use a nickname.

tl;dr, OP here is a self centered piece of breathing trash who thinks 4chan/reddit = the whole worlds opinions, and is no better than the picture above with policing gender identitys!

If you think your gender is ‘bunny’ please seek a gender specialist that can help you sort out your dysphoria.

You see that number that says 1315? That’s how many people agree with that sentiment. That’s how many people have seen tumblr’s “all pronouns and gender identities are real” ideology, called bullshit, and dismissed actual people with dysphoria because of how ridiculous you tucute fuckers can be.

Don’t you dare give me the “why are you blaming nounselfers and not cis people!!!” Because we’re trying to educate cis people and you idiots keep kicking the ball into your own team’s goal. We already know that cis people need to be educated on gender. Everyone knows that. You’re not helping when you set our education back to pre-k level idiocy of “I identify as voidgender/catgender/fuckgender!”

#otherkin hate

Otherkin is not a gender, you fucknut. A spiritual belief is not a gender. I don’t see how that’s hate. At all.

If anyone wants more information on otherkin, use my post:


Now go shove your pseudopronouns and pseudogenders up your collective asses.

Read this.

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